The Imperial County Planning/Building Department is charged with "lead agency" status on land use development projects, and pursuant to Board Direction offers "developers" the opportunity to present their projects in an informal setting to the various departments and agencies under what is considered to be a "pre-application" meeting.

The purpose of the "pre-application" meeting is to allow anyone with a proposed project to present their project to the County regulatory as well as non-regulatory departments. In addition various non-County agencies may also be involved, depending on the type and scope of the projects. Among the agencies usually involved would be the IID.

Typically the applicant provides a project description and site plan to the Planning/Building Department staff, at least two weeks prior to the pre-application meeting. The documents are then circulated to the various agencies for their review.

Initially, the applicant makes their presentation at the pre-application meeting and upon conclusion, the various agencies present brief descriptions of their requirements, procedures and information that will be required at the time of formal application. The applicant/developer has the opportunity to ask all the questions that may affect their project.

The intent of the pre-application process is to afford the applicant an opportunity to be advised early on of all requirements by the regulatory agencies, of all possible forms of assistance by economic development program, (if applicable) and any by the various non-county agencies.

The applicant/developer needs to understand that until the Planning/Building Department receives the actual application, the "process" has not commenced, the application is not accepted, and additional requirements or information may be required at time of application depending on the actual content of the application.